Continuously Deploying DNS records with DnsControl and CircleCI

In the previous post I gave a quick introduction to DnsControl, what it does and how it works. In this post, I’ll show you how to continuously deploy your changes to Google Cloud DNS using CircleCI.

Managing DNS records the DevOps way

Managing DNS records has always been a bit of a hassle for me. Most DNS providers have some sort of web gui where you have to manually fiddle in all records manually. Besides the fact that this is really tedious, this is quite error-prone. Humans are horrible at doing manual work! So let’s automate this!

Working with Git Submodules

I often struggle when working with Git Submodules, so here’s a quick primer with all the important information you need!

Crontab Syntax

A quick tutorial on the Crontab scheduling syntax

Java: Create self-signed SSL certificates for Tomcat

A quick guide on how to generate a self-signed SSL certificate using the Java keytool and how to configure it in Tomcat.

Make all *.dev domains resolve to localhost

Use dnsmasq to resolve a wildcard domain on Linux

Heredoc in Javascript

Javascript does not like Multiline Strings, but there's a trick!

GIT delete remote branch

How to delete a remote branch in GIT

Domain Renewal Group - Scam!

So you got a letter from the “Domain Renewal Group” regarding one of your domains? You have no idea who they are?

Continuous Deployment with Github Pages

Or how to let Travis-CI merge into master if the build is successful.