Working with Git Submodules

I often struggle when working with Git Submodules, so here’s a quick primer with all the important information you need!

Crontab Syntax

A quick tutorial on the Crontab scheduling syntax

Java: Create self-signed SSL certificates for Tomcat

A quick guide on how to generate a self-signed SSL certificate using the Java keytool and how to configure it in Tomcat.

Make all *.dev domains resolve to localhost

Use dnsmasq to resolve a wildcard domain on Linux

Heredoc in Javascript

Javascript does not like Multiline Strings, but there's a trick!

GIT delete remote branch

How to delete a remote branch in GIT

Domain Renewal Group - Scam!

So you got a letter from the “Domain Renewal Group” regarding one of your domains? You have no idea who they are?

Continuous Deployment with Github Pages

Or how to let Travis-CI merge into master if the build is successful.

Rails has_many and Strong Params

For a recent Rails project I had the following setup:, my new Home on the Intertubes!

After months years of procrastinating, I finally built this thing.